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Breaking News! Terrorist Attack Narrowly Averted in Cambridge Town Centre!

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Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the USA!



Health and Safety Overkill? You decide.

A Health & Safety board at a site entrance in Ely

A Health & Safety board at a site entrance in Ely

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“I’m starting to wonder that god might actually exist, and that he/she/it is simply an irresponsible or clumsy gardener. As far as I can see, monotheistic religion serves no other purpose than to deplete the World’s population. It is Humanity’s unnecessary, arbitrary pesticide.” H Thorne (Editor)


An open letter to all future potential Prime Ministers

A letter from the Editor

“It takes an entire ocean and the Moon to remove your footprint from the sand.” More….

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Our rebuke to the Daily Mail’s decision to lead with a photograph of the bloodied offices of Charlie Hebdo; purely for purposes of sensationalism and cynically focusing on ‘pools of blood’ in the prose.

“You should take this down. You’re a disgrace to your profession and your colleagues worldwide. Do you not understand what is going on here? This is not a time for focusing on the blood of murder! You are in a position to reach millions of people and you decide that this is the picture to show?

And before you argue that this is all about freedom of speech and you can print what you like, then why not print some of the cartoons that these maniacs found so offensive? That would get you sensationalism, clicks, units sold, and would not be an unnecessarily revolting insult to your dead fellow journalists.

I’ve never held the Daily Mail in the highest regard, but this has driven me to revulsion, and away for good. Hopefully along with many others. You are not Charlie!”

“Je suis Charlie”






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Try hard enough and you’ll find everything offensive



Horsemeat Found in Tesco Burgers – our headlines


Tesco Meat Processing Plants to Ban Pony Tails!

Tesco Burgers Revealed as One of Your 5-1 a Day.

Tesco Considers Ditching Mane Supplier.

A psychological Condition Caused by Eating Tainted Tesco Beef Products Named ‘Ass-burgers syndrome’

Tesco Veggie Burgers Found to Contain Uniquorn

Tesco’s Latest Range of ‘Finest’ Meals to Include Mule Marinières. ©





Frankie Boyle: who exactly is he harming?

Your sensibilities? You selfish, vaccuous, unimaginative, narrow minded f***kwits! There are far more offensive things going on right now – real, tangible things, that effect you, that change, shape, ruin and end peoples lives; things you should really feel compelled to complain about, but don’t, because it is just too much bother. Don’t watch, don’t listen if you do not wish to. You were not contractually obliged to watch everything when you bought your telly. If you genuinely have nothing else to do, and feel that you are doing your bit by whinging about comedians, who’s very opinions are definitively benign, then you should stop living, or perhaps volunteer for one of the many experiments or causes that may actually do humanity and society some good!.. more from The Opinion Pole